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A Digital Marketing agency that puts the Small Business owner first.

Director, QV-Marketing

International Speaker

Born Entrepreneur

Business Mentor

My Story

I founded QV-Marketing with one goal in mind: To provide a performance driven service that places the Small Business Owner first, whilst providing an affordable, personalized alternative to greedy, corporate marketing agencies.
I have studied with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs who have helped shape me and the business I am so proud to operate today; QV-Marketing. Learning my customer service skills as a Manager at Mercedes-Benz from the age of 20, I am bringing a professional, one-to-one approach to Digital Marketing Services where you, your business and results are the No.1 priority.

After 2 years of working my fingers to the bone and positioning myself as an authority in the international market for revolutionary Small Business digital marketing, my dreams are coming true. I continue to build a supportive team around me ensuring my clients receive the best results possible from our expert staff, whilst communicating with myself every step of the way, guaranteeing only the highest level of customer service.

Director of QV-Marketing

In February 2016, I formed what is now QV-Marketing. After having a rocky first few months, we are now a fully functional Digital Marketing Agency. After serving over 100 Business Owners worldwide and having a 100% customer satisfaction rate, my support team is expanding rapidly. I am now supported by 4 specialists in various areas of Digital Marketing. What makes us different from all other marketing companies is that I am still the sole point of contact for all clients. This ensures you receive the HIGHEST standard of customer service at all times.

Born Entrepreneur

Ever since school, I’ve always been entrepreneurial. From the age of 10, I bought sweets before school and sold them from my bag throughout the day for a profit. Hands on experience has been key to my development in business. However, I have been lucky enough to learn my Digital trade from some of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs; Mr Anik Singal (Copywriting Legend), Mr Dan Henry (Facebook Advertising Guru) and Mr Ben Angel (Marketing Strategy God) to name but a few. This personal grooming has given me the combination of knowledge I can call on to help you at any time.

International Speaker

After being recognised as one of the up and coming online entrepreneurs of 2017, I have been invited to speak at various International Entrepreneurship events across South East Asia. So far, in 2018 alone I have spoken at The Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Bangkok, Thailand and will soon be attending events across the continent including The Future City Summit 2018 in Hong Kong and The Global Entrepreneurship Mega-Bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love sharing my story and inspiring other entrepreneurs to reach for their dreams.

Business Development Mentor

As well as providing a Digital Marketing Service to my clients across the globe, I have also been responsible for mentoring over 80 young entrepreneurs throughout my career. I believe that there is so much more to life than getting rich and the feeling I get from helping young, aspiring entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground is better than any pay check. We were all in their position at one time and a large part of my business mentality is to give something back to society and the grass-roots. This is something I believe everyone should try at some point!

My Skills

After developing my skills with some of the worlds leading entrepreneurs, I started QV-Marketing to help small business owners achieve rapid growth with limited budget.
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Google Ad Words
  • Customer Support

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