Possibly one of the hardest decisions you will face as a business owner or manager.

Who can you trust to spend your precious advertising budget in a way that delivers a healthy ROI?

A bad experience with a Social Media Agency or “professional” is becoming increasingly common. It’s actually painful to listen to my clients past experiences sometimes.

Everywhere you look you see “The Next Big Online Marketing Strategy”. Or a new “Marketing Guru” claiming to turn your business into the next SpaceX.

When in actual fact, paying through the nose to take an online DIY course often leaves you with more questions than answers. You see, they only sell one piece of the puzzle.

Facebook Ad Course? That’s great, but how do you write your email sequences?

PPC Course? That’s awesome, but how do you Setup your Facebook Retargeting Ads to get the biggest “Bang for your Buck”?

So, do you really want to spend time you simply don’t have on substandard results? Of course not! It’s best to leaving the whole marketing “shabang” to the experts whilst you spend your time on areas of the business you’re trained to do.

Any successful Social Media Agency will generate enough revenue from additional sales to cover their cost ten-fold. Period.

A solid Digital Marketing Strategy requires professional assistance

In order to design and implement a solid Digital Marketing Strategy you need expert help. A proficient Social Media Agency is a professional organisation with the complete skillset proven to deliver results for their clients.

But who can you trust to deliver results for your business without costing an arm and a leg in upfront fees?

In this article, I am going to explore the 3 most important things you should identify before handing over a single buck to any marketing expert or agency.

So, let’s jump straight in with No.1.

No.1 Money Back Guarantee

QV-Marketing Social Media Agency – How to choose an agency you can trust guarantee

Right? Any proficient Social Media Agency will cover you with a complete Money Back Guarantee.

Meaning any work you pay them to do, you are guaranteed to see that fee returned to you in sales/revenue increase.

Why? Well, if they are really as good as they say they are.. They should put their money where their mouth is!

And if you can’t find a Social Media Agency that offers this kind of security:


Over the last 12 months alone, we’ve worked with over 100 Small Businesses and run over 500 Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Every single campaign was covered by a Money Back Guarantee.

And do you know how many refunds we issued.. 0!

Seriously. Not one.

Not one single campaign ended with a negative ROI. Not a bad record right?

Not many Social Media Agencies can boast a record like this. Offering all clients a Money Back Guarantee is the best way of giving peace of mind. And a relaxed mind is a happy mind!

This has to be the most important aspect of hiring a Social Media Agency in the first place. You want peace of mind you and your money are in good hands.

No.2 100% Client Satisfaction Rate

It’s true.. Almost every company in the world has at least one unhappy customer. That’s pretty normal.

And often the unhappy customer is the loudest. So, I’d like to invite you to visit any Social Media Agency’s Facebook Business page and check out their reviews.

I can almost guarantee that you will see 1 negative review or at least one that falls short of perfection.

It’s incredibly difficult to keep everyone happy. And in all honesty, I tell my clients trying to keep everyone happy is often just going to waste time and energy.

Why? Well, trying to keep everyone happy is impossible. Why give yourself an impossible task? The best lesson I have learned is that picking your clients wisely is a sure-fire way of giving you a great chance of keeping 100% of them happy.

All QV-Marketing clients are screened for suitability for the services we offer. If we don’t have a good fit, or can’t guarantee a successful marketing campaign, we simply don’t take them on.

As a Social Media Agency, we can help the vast majority of people find new customers. But there are many businesses out there that simply aren’t prepared for the influx of work that comes with a hoard of new customers.

And a stressed client is an unhappy client.

I would like to invite you to visit the QV-Marketing Facebook Page to see our 100% 5* Customer Satisfaction Reviews.

No.3 Proof of Results (And a lot of it!)

This is a common stumbling block for the average Social Media Agency.

Many agencies are so concerned finding new clients that they forget about the old ones. And the old ones are arguably the most important!

Overly satisfying existing clients sounds pretty simple, right?

But it’s one thing having happy clients.. It’s another thing to have an army of happy clients willing to shout about their amazing experience working with you.

Creating a loyal following who tell every man and their dog about the experience they’ve had is very difficult to do. But once you drive results, it happens naturally.

There are a large number of people willing to do this for QV-Marketing.

The best way of checking if a Social Media Agency has a great following of loyal clients is to check their website for Video Testimonials and Reviews.

If the Agency in question is as great as they say, their website will be plastered with proof. If it’s not, you could ask them for references.

No.4 A Personalised Service

QV-Marketing Social Media Agency – How to choose an agency you can trust personalaised

The last thing anyone wants is to be treat like a number.

We’ve all been there at one time or another.. Being spoken to by a Customer Service Representative who clearly doesn’t care about your issue. Nothing ever gets resolved.

And when you’re looking to work with another business in any situation, you want to receive the best treatment.

You see, this is where QV-Marketing differ from the average Social Media Agency.

My name is James Hopkins. Director and main point of contact for every single QV-Marketing client to date.

My customer service background and training was with Mercedes-Benz. I understand the highest level of customer service is essential and I deliver this to every single person who enters my business. Client or no client.

I understand that your business is unique. I understand that you are unique.

And I am proud that many of my clients become friends. This is where the true power of a relationship with QV-Marketing can be found.

The Ultimate Social Media Agency – QV-Marketing

So, let’s just recap on what we have covered quickly when choosing your Social Media Agency:

No.1 You’re protected financially by a Money Back Guarantee.

No.2 Your satisfaction is our priority.

No.3 Your Results are already waiting to be delivered.

No.4 You receive a personalised service of the highest standard.

I would like to invite you to request your completely FREE Digital Marketing Strategy Call to determine if we have a good fit.


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